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Getting Started with Google Plus

I will mention as we go along that ?Currently this is what Google Plus has? This is because Google Plus is evolving as they make changes from feed back etc.
Google Plus (Google+) is a new social networking service from Google. It can be a great tool to help communicate with people who share your interest, as well as communicate with family, friends and co-workers. This is a free service with the focus of bringing people together.
If you have a hobby like Genealogy you can communicate with others who have a similar interest. Also you could communicate with others who are researching the same surname. Google Plus gives you the ability to display pictures, create photo albums, add videos, and create circles (a circle is like a room). A circle is where you would place the people who can communicate with each other and with you. You could have a family circle, genealogy circle, friend circle etc. etc. The plus of this is if you put a person in a circle then what ever that person says in a post is only seen by the people in that circle. This allows discussion and information to be shared by only the people in that circle.
You can have a number of circles with circle names of your choosing. Also a person can be in more than one circle.
Hangouts is an option where you can bring up to 10 people from your Google plus and have a chat or a video chat session between all in attendance.
Google Plus also has a number of free games.
Google plus has dropped the age requirement from 18 to 13 for teens who want to join Google+. Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. Because of this, it's important to use your common name so that the people you want to connect with can find you. Your common name is the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you. This link is about the name you should use.
To be part of Google Plus you need a Google account. A strong suggestion is a Google Gmail account. With Gmail you can forward all your mail to your current account under (settings) or just use the Gmail account. If you already have a Google account you part way there.
After the account is set up one of the first things you should do is select your profile (currently the third button over after the name Google+) and then select About. It is a very important part of Google Plus as this profile will be used in searches as well as when you want someone to add you to their circle and in the correct circle. In the introduction you can put something like this
? Interested in genealogy Researching the surname's Beauregard, Pommenville, Menoche. looking for Beauregard's of Worcester area Massachussetts. ? You can add much more but this will tell people what names and interest you have.
Anything you put in should be able to be edited later so don't dwell on what to say just get something in that is relevant.
AFGS Google Plus Page
Also if you have a picture that also helps as Google Plus is about communicating with others and it is good to see who you are communicating with.
Once this is completed select home (currently the first button after the name Google+ on the top bar) Now at the top right you will see a gear (round circle with points), selecting the gear will allow you to modify your privacy settings and more.
Now your screen does not have much on it yet this will change as you add people to circles.
On the left hand side is a list of current circle names with a heading of ? Stream? plus other subjects.
The center column is labeled Stream ? This will be the postings of people from your circles depending on your settings. Each posting has an option menu by clicking on the circle and down arrow you control what is displayed.
Currently in the right column will display the picture of who is in your circles (you have no one in circles yet). Below are suggestions of people for circles. Then a Hangout selection (You can gather up to 10 people from your circle and have a video chat). Followed by other selections
Now about Circles (currently the forth button after the name Google+ on the top bar)
You should see a number of circles across the screen. Currently called Friends, Family, Acquaintances, etc. etc. This is where you will place the people who join you on your Google plus site. You can add circles, delete circles, change the names of circles. Important: Anyone you put in a circle will see the posts by the other people in THAT circle. So they are communicating with each other. A person can be in more than on circle at the same time. You will see all the posts by all the people in your center stream. Currently Google is adding a slide you can filter what you will see in your stream (not on all Google Plus sites yet)
From the Circle screen you can search for people to add to you Google Plus site. Currently on the bar that says people in your circles (0) on the right had side is a search box to find people for your circles. You can type the last name and it will display all the people it finds that have a Google Plus account. The program displays a rectangle with the person's picture as well as a short bio to see if this is the person you want. This is why it is so important to give information about yourself and a Picture. A number of companies are also going on Google Plus. Try a search for AFGS
With Google Plus you can have a one stop communication service allowing the communication with friends, co-workers, family, and people who share the same hobbies or any group you want to create. Each group (circle) will not see the messages that are for another group (circle). You can also put any person in more than one group (circle).
You can add people by sending them an invitation (e-mail) to join you on Google Plus. It is in the column on the right side. They will need a Google plus account to join you on Google Plus.
Another way to add people to a circle is after you have been acceptable at a website (example AFGS) review who they have in their circles then click on them to send an invitation to that person and if they accept they would be added to your google plus page and you can move them into any circle you want on your page. to an existing Google Plus page and
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Updated 5 February, 2012

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