You may make a one-time donation or pledge a recurring amount to the American-French Genealogical Society Elevator Fund.  Donations and pledges will be acknowledged by email. It will serve as your receipt and acknowledgement of your donation.

You may select monthly recurring donations for donating over a period of time. If you would like to do that, place the amount you want to give for each payment in the amount per month box. Also, select the number of months you would like to give, or select one time donation.

Suggested One, Two or Three Year Pledge

Monthly One Year Two Year Three Year
$278 $3,334 $6,668 $10,000
$139 $1,667 $3,334 $5,000
$84 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000
$56 $667 $1,334 $2,000
$28 $334 $668 $1,000
$14 $168 $336 $500