Class of 2015

Norman Desmarais has made unique and substantial contributions to support Franco-American history and traditions as an author, Revolutionary War re-enactor, a leader with French social organizations and a participant in French Canadian pastimes.

Norman is a Professor Emeritus of Providence College and had a more than 20-year career as a professor and acquisitions librarian at P.C.

While his dozens of publications are too numerous to list, there are two that are particularly noteworthy.

He is the author of the guide to the American Revolutionary War in Canada and New England, the first in an extensive multi-volume series of guides on the American Revolutionary War.

He is currently writing the guide to the American Revolutionary War at sea and overseas.

Furthermore, Norman is a member of the Regiment Bourbonnais, which portrays one of the French infantry regiments that was sent to America in 1780 to assist General George Washington’s army during the war for American independence.

He participates in regimental re-enactments and parades in the community.

Norman’s leadership positions in French organizations include serving on the board of directors of the Club Lefoyer in Pawtucket and repeated terms as president of Club Richelieu. He supports a younger generation of French speakers through the Club Richelieu’s scholarship program for outstanding local French students.

Besides his involvement with traditional French dance and music as a native French speaker, Norman’s vocal talents have been highly sought. Since his retirement Norman has recorded the French voice for a GPS company.

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