Class of 2012

Stephen White is a world-renowned pre-deportation genealogist at the University of Moncton in New Brunswick, Canada, a position he has held for more than 35 years.

He is of Acadian descent and a Native of Framingham, Mass. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Harvard University and a Doctor of Law Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Considered to be the foremost expert on Acadian genealogy, Stephen developed a passion for family history at a young age. While a college student he began researching his own genealogy and often travelled to Nova Scotia where he discovered the records of his ancestors.

This initial research led to the compilation of a dictionnaire genealogique des familles acadiennes. The dictionary required 24 years of research and verification before publishing the first part in 1999.

This first part is a fully documented reconstitution of the Acadian population from 1636 to 1714. The first part of the dictionnaire has been sold out since 2006, .proof of its great popularity as a research tool.

In 2005 this work was awarded the Donald Lines Jacobus prize by the American Society of Genealogists.

Mr. White is working on the second part of the dictionnaire covering the years 1715 to 1780.


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