AFGS Calendar of Events

Presentations by guest speakers are underwritten through an endowment by the Lefoyer Club and Rhode Island Foundation. Good will offerings are always appreciated so we can continue to provide additional educational and cultural activities.

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September 10 1:00 pm Auditorium

Réveil – Waking Up French

A powerful documentary film that explores the struggle for cultural survival among the
French-Canadian, Franco-American communities of New England. The film traces the
French heritage beginning with immigration from the Canadian provinces of Quebec and
Acadia through persecution by Ku Klux Klan and language loss, to cultural renaissance
and heritage preservation.
Presented by Ben Levine, a video artist and documentary film maker

September 10 7:00 pm Auditorium

Reclaiming Your French Language

Presented by Ben Levine

September 16  10:00 am  AFGS First Floor Auditorium

Who Were Les Filles a Marier?

Presented by Peter Gagne, author of the book of the same title and The King’s Daughter’s Books.
Peter will hold a book signing session following his presentation.

September 17  1:00-4:00 pm  AFGS Franco-American Heritage Center

Open House

An opportunity to explore the vast research resources of the AFGS
library and tour the 19,000 square foot AFGS Franco-American Heritage center and the
Veterans Memorial Museum of Rhode Island

September 30  10:00 am  AFGS,  LeFoyer Room

Things You Should Know When Doing French Canadian Genealogy

Presented by Dennis Boudreau

October 7  10:00 am  AFGS, LeFoyer Room

The Silent Presence –The French in New England

Presented by Jeanne Douillard, an independent scholar specializing in the story of the
French in New England.

October 13  7:00 pm 

AFGS French Canadian Hall of Fame Induction

7:00 pm   Reception LeFoyer Room
8:00 pm   Induction, AFGS Auditorium

Class of 2017:

Daniel Boucher, A Québécois fiddler from Bristol, Conn.
Anne D. Conway, Director, Museum of Work and Culture, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
John R. Desmarais, Chief, Cumberland Police Department, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Most Reverend Louis E. Gelineau, Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Providence

$15 per person.

October 21  9:00 am  AFGS, LeFoyer Room

DNA 101 – What It is and How to Get Started

Presented by Thomas Allaire, AFGS DNA Project Manager

October 28 10:00 am  AFGS Auditorium

French Canadian Notorial Records and How to Use Them

Presented by Michael J. Leclerc, The Genealogy Professor

November 4  9:00 am  AFGS Main Library Room

What is the PRDH Database and How to Use It

Presented by Patti Locke

November 12  1:00 pm  LeFoyer Room and AFGS Auditorium

World War I Commemorative Celebration

Presented by Roger Beaudry

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