Do you have only French Canadian Resources?

We are a primary source for French Canadian research and have a large selection of other data depending on the source. For example, state vital records, church records, and funeral home records would include all records and not just French Canadian.

Is there help for me to research other nationalities?

Yes. AFGS is an affiliate of the Family History Library. There are a number of volunteers who can help you to research different nationalities.

Do I need to read French?

Most vital records are in English. Quebec microfilm records are mostly in French or Latin. Normally, someone is at the library that can translate for you.

Is there someone in the library to aid me if I do visit the library?

Volunteers are normally available to help with your visit.

Is there someone to show me how to use the microfilm?

There are volunteers who will show you the steps to access the microfilms and how to search within them.

What resources are available at the library?

Check our resources section.

Can I bring my electronic devices to the library?

AFGS has free Wi-Fi available. Notebooks, laptops, tablets, hand held scanners, cameras are allowed in the library (no flash). Cell phones may be brought into the library, however, please be considerate of other researchers and either turn off the phone or place it in silent mode. Cell phone conversations are not allowed in the library.

Can I use a flash drive or CD/DVD in your computers?

Sorry but no item can be plugged into our computers.

Can we bring a group to the library?

Yes, however if it is a large group (over 5) we would appreciate notification ahead of time to make sure that we have researchers to help.

Where can I get information on volunteering for the Society?

Info can be found on the website under "Volunteer."

Does the Society accept donations of research material, books, computers or funds?

Please contact Janice Burkhart, Society librarian, to discuss the materials you wish to donate.  We will not accept donation of books, computers or other materials without prior approval.


Is the library handicapped accessible?

The Franco-American Heritage Center has an elevator and all levels of the building are accessible.

Is smoking allowed in the building?

Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the AFGS Franco-American Heritage Center.

What is the cost to use the library?

AFGS members have full use of the library. For non-members the fee is $5.00 per visit.

Can I join the Society on line?

You can join AFGS here, where you can join online or download a form to mail in.

Can I order items on line?

We have an online store where you are able to order items, or fill out the form online, print it and mail it in.

Is online ordering secure?

We use the Spark Pay Service for ordering from this website. This offers online ordering security by using this system which is simple and straightforward.  (Your browser must support secure ordering.)

Please see the Spark Pay Privacy Statement for more information.

Are food or refreshments available?

Food or beverages including bottled water are not allowed in the library area. The lunchroom is located off the main lobby adjacent to the lockers. There is a refrigerator and microwave available for your use.  While we do not offer food or beverages on site, there are restaurants nearby.

I am coming from a distance and will only be in the area a few days. Can I use the library if it is not scheduled to be open?

We will make every effort to accommodate members who live outside of the Rhode Island area.  Please contact AFGS at least one week before your arrival. Tell us the dates and times you plan to be here and a phone number where you can be reached while you travel

Is lodging available in the area?

A number of places are available. Please view for a list of available hotels in the region.

Are there other sites of interest in the area?

AFGS is located in the Blackstone Heritage Corridor and a number of interesting places are available including the Museum of Work & Culture.

For a list of other sites of interests throughout Woonsocket and Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley, visit


If there is a question you would like to ask which is not covered here, please use the inquiry form in the “Contact Us” section.