We understand that it may be difficult to visit our library to access some of the information we are now showing in the searchable indexes. The Film Room Copy Request service will provide copies of actual obituaries, headstone pictures or copies of birth, marriage or death records contained on one of the microfilms for a fee. This service is available to AFGS members and non-members alike.  They are listed as Categories A and B as described below.

Category A – AFGS has a number of microfilms of vital records including RI, MA, VT and NH. Also AFGS owns the original Drouin Microfilm Collection of the Canadian records from 1606 to 1940. Category A is available for both members and non-members for a fee.

Category BUNDER CONSTRUCTION –  AFGS has a large obituary collection dating 1987 – 2018 covering the U.S. and Canada. Our records total 116,000 pictures covering RI, MA, CT, NY and Quebec.

This category is for non-members and members who have not joined our Members-Only site.  Non-members will receive the obituary and headstone pictures for a small fee.

AFGS members who have joined our Members-Only please use this site to obtain pictures of headstones and obituaries.

Please note: the forms are for requesting a copy of a specific document or pictures, it is a request service and not a research service, if you need research assistance please refer to our research page.

Email questions to filmroomrequest@afgs.org  or call AFGS at 401-765-6141.

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