Class of 2017

Daniel Boucher is a remarkable young fiddler from Bristol, Connecticut.  Growing up in a Québécois musical family, Daniel began to fiddle at age 12 along with his father Jules, who plays the spoons, accordion and limberjack.

Daniel apprenticed with Massachusetts fiddler Donna Hebert in 2002 and Connecticut fiddler Rosaire LeHoux in 2003 under the Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.

Daniel stands out as a player because of his technical skill and his complete absorption in Québécois culture.  He travels often to Québéc where his parents maintain a second home, collects old songs, and plays often with New England musicians such as the Beaudoin family in Vermont.

Daniel composes his own fiddle tunes and has become a master teacher.  His love for Québécois traditions has led to great programming in Connecticut.  Daniel created Jam Français, a popular fiddle jam series, and organizes legendary maple sugar parties every April.

In 2011, Daniel was selected to perform at the American Folklife Center as part of its Hometown: Music America Series, and at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.  He also performed at the Bangor Music Festival and at the Connecticut Historical Society.

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