Class of 2016

Leslie Choquette is an educator, award winning author, and has held executive positions in numerous French Canadian historical and research organizations both here and in Canada.

Leslie is a Professor of History, French Studies, and Director of the French Institute at Assumption College in Worcester.  She has authored numerous books and articles on French Canadian heritage and history.

She received the Prix du Quebec from the Quebec government for outstanding contribution to the field of Quebec studies, and the Paul Ziegler Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship at Assumption College.

Leslie is the author of Frenchmen Into Peasants: Modernity and Tradition in Peopling of French Canada. It won the Alfred Heggoy Book Prize from the French Colonial Historical Society. It also was selected as one of the nine best American-authored books on Canada by the International Journal of Canadian Studies, and has been translated to French.

She is a past president of the American Council of Quebec Studies and also served on the executive board and was its secretary.

Leslie served on several editorial boards of scholarly journals including Francophonies d’Amerique, French Colonial History and the Journal of Early American History: The American Colonies.

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