Titles Added to the Library

Visions Aegues de Guerre

Obituaries from the Sydrea-Post Records 1933-1956

The Peopling of British North America

Quebec—The Laurantian Province

The Thirty Years War

Histoire de la Nouvelle France

The Christie Seigneuries

Ghost Empene

Champlain’s Dream

The Canadians

Births and Marriages of St Domenic Roman Catholic Church, Proctor, VT 1886-1953

The GodlyRebellion

Carignan-Saliere Regiment

History of the Franco-Americans of Southbridge, Mass.

The Life and Death of Crazy Horse

Une Novelle Acadie: St Jacques de l’Achigan 1772-1972

Voyage to New France

Les Filles du Roi au XVII’s Siecle

Count Frontenac and New France Under Louis XIV

Europe Divided 1559-1598

Liste Sommaire des Centenaines au Quebec

The European Dictionary of America

The Northern Voyages

Canadian Types of the Old Regime